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Eugene Bates, Chairman, Church Hill 
Roy Winkworth, Vice Chairman, Natchez 
Tommy Sasser, Secretary, Bogue Chitto 
Steven Ammann, Mendenhall 
Terry Brister, Bogue Chitto 
Don Cagle, Wesson 
Jack Case, Bogue Chitto 
Russell Caudill, Monticello 
Mar)' L. Cleveland, Hazlehurst 


Sammy Cauthen, District 1 
Henry Watts, District 2 
Thomas Campbell. District 3 
Darryl Grennell Adams, District 4 
Spanky Felter, District 5 

Earl Dixon, District 1 
Terry Channel!, District 2 
Perry Hood, District 3 
Manuel Welch, District 4 
Jimmy Phillips, District 5 

2 The Colinian 

Rickey Clopton, Wesson 
John Dickey, Fayette 
Lynwood Easterling, Natchez 
Chuck Gilbert, Natchez 
Willie Harrison, Brookhaven 
Tommy Jolly, Monticello 
Melton King, Natchez 
Randall Lofton, Brookhaven 
Jack McAlpin, Magee 

Penny McAlpin, Magee 

Dr. Anthony Morris, Natchez 

Thelma Newsome, Natchez 

Johnny Pyles, Crystal Springs 

Rickey Smith, Wesson 

Lona Thomas, Meadville 

Barry Tyson, Meadville 

Dr. Steve Wells, Brookhaven 

Mildred Williams, Crystal Spring 

Woodrow Wilson, District 1 
Chad Smith, District 2 
George Collins, District 3 
Jerry Lynn Howell, District 4 
M.L. Ezell, District 5 

Louis Green, Sr., District 1 
Issac Tenner, District 2 
Trent L. Hudson, District 3 
Joseph Cole, St., District 4 
Ray Perryman, District 5 

Steve Garrett, District 1 
Billy Joe Bourwell, District 2 
Calvin Rutland, District 3 
Glenn Grubbs, District 4 
Archie Ross, District 5 

Rev. Jerry Wilson, District 1 
Bobby J. Watts, District 2 
Nolan Earl Williamson, District 3 
W.D. "Doug" Moak, District 4 
Gary Walker. District 5 

Curtis Skiffer, District 1 
Dempsey Sullivan, District 2 
Pete Lowery, District 3 
Sammy Welch, District 4 
Benny Bridges, Disttict 5 

'his has been a very busy and productive 
year in the life of our college. We have 
. featured many outstanding events and rec- 
ognitions during the year, including arhletic com- 
petitions and fine arts programs. In addition, we 
have had a very busy year of renovation & building 
projects. I invite you to read about these events, 
recognitions and projects within this publication. 

I congratulate Mrs. Teresa Har- 
rison on completing her first 
year as Dean of the Natchez 
Campus. I appreciare her out- »" 
standing leadership at that cam- 
pus. I also want to take this op- 
portunity to thank Dr. Rhonda 
Smith, who has served for two 
years as Director of Admissions 
at the Simpson County Center ' 

and has served this past year 
very effectively as the Acting 
Dean. She returns to the class- 
room this fall as English instruc- 
tor. On June 1 8 we welcomed John Dickerson, the 
new Dean of the Simpson County Center. Mr. 
Dickerson comes to us from Mississippi State Uni- 
versity, where he has been employed in enrollment 
services for the past ten years. Mr. Dickerson is no 
stranger to the community college family, since he 
has worked very closely with our community col- 
leges while at Mississippi State. We are excited to 
have John on board; he will be a valuable asset to 
our Co-Lin family and particularly to the Simpson 
County Center and to the Simpson County com- 

The Simpson County Center, which opened in the 
fall of 2005, continued to show significant growrh 
this year. We are excited that we are able to offer a 

full instructional program to the citizens of Simpson 
County, and we are excited about the overwhelm- 
ing support of the Simpson County leadership and 
the community as a whole. We graduated 49 stu- 
dents in the first ever graduation for the SCC held 
in the Boswell Center Auditorium on May 12. 

The Community Arts Series was 
outstanding again this year! The 
Aficionado Series featured five 
outstanding performances, which 
were very well attended by faculty, 
students and members of the com- 
munity. There were two Showcase 
performances, including a perfor- 
mance by Dr. Joseph La Rosa, the 
newest member of the Fine Arts 
Division on the Wesson Campus. 

\ The renovarion of Smith Hall, 

which began on the Wesson Cam- 
pus this year, is by far the most 
extensive renovation project in the 
history of the college. This $2.6 million project will 
totally change the appearance of rhis major class- 
room building and will also greatly enhance the 
functionality of the space within this facility. The 
excitement builds as this projecr proceeds! 

From the President 

the women's team on winning the Region XXIII 
Championship, which qualified them to travel to 
the NJCAA National Tournament, where they fin- 
ished sixth! 

Co-Lin was proud to host the first annual recogni- 
tion banquet for the newly organized Mississippi 
Community and Junior College Sports Hall of 
Fame on April 24. Over 300 people were present 
in The Thames Center to be a part of that occasion, 
where 45 former community/junior college athletes 
were inducted as charter members of rhis presrigious 
group. I'm very proud to have been a part of honor- 
ing these very deserving men and women for their 
outstanding contributions not only to the athletic 
programs in our state, but to community colleges 
as a whole. Congratulations to the Co-Lin induct- 
ees: "Hook" Stone (posthumously), Carl Medley 
and M.K. Turk! In closing, I would just mention 
that the college had its usual list of outstanding ac- 
complishments of student groups which represent- 
ed us well throughout the state, region and nation 
- another sensational year of student recognitions 
posted on all three campuses! Co-Lin continues to 
be "the place to be" because of the great people who 
are a part of the Co-Lin story! As always,' I appreci- 
ate your taking time to read this report of what has 
happened over rhe past year at Co-Lin. 

Dr. Hnwell C!_ Garner ^-^ 

We had an outstanding year in athletics! The foot- I . 

ball team was the South State Champion and was I ^_ I - 

runner up to the state championship this year. The / \J VAAM^ (_^ > 

team traveled to the Sea Island Golden Isles Bowl Dr. Howell C. Garner 

Game in Brunswick, GA, where they not only won President 

the game but posted the only shutout victory in 

the history of the bowl. In basketball, the women's 

team won the South State Championship, and the 

men's and women's teams were both runners up 

to the state champions. Also, congratulations to 

Student Achievements 


Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society 

Eta Omega Chapter - Wesson Campus 
International Awards: 

• Top 25 Chapter {out of 1,400) 

■ Leadership Hallmark (only 25 awarded) 

• Scholarship Hallmarks (only 25 awarded) 

• Dusty ft ration received the Distinguished Chapter 
President Award 

• Kelly Stelzriede was named Second 
Team All-USA Academic Team, 
Leaders of Promise, Coca-Cola 
Scholar and New Century Scholar for 
Mississippi awarded to the student 
with the highest All-USA Academic 
Team application score in the state 

• Neisha Leggett received the Paragon 
Award for new advisors 

• LeaAnn Knight received the Distinguished Advisor 

Mississippi-Louisiana Regional Aiuards: 

• Five-Star Chapter - highest distinction 

• Most Distinguished Chapter in the Mississippi-Loui- 
siana Region 

• Pinnacle Silver Award - increasing membership in 

• Pinnacle Platinum Award - increasing membership 
for the fall semester 

• Leadership Hallmark Award 

• Vice President for Leadership Kelly Stelzriede was 
named to the Order of the Golden Key 

• Jake Adams received the Most Distinguished Chapter 
Member in the Mississippi-Louisiana Region 

• Dusty Bratton was named runner-up to the Most 
Distinguished Chapter President in the Mississippi- 
Louisiana Region 

• Most Outstanding Chapter Web Site 

• Eta Omega was elected Representative to the Louisi- 
ana Region for 2007-2008 

• Neisha Leggett received the Horizon Advisor Award 
for new advisors 

• LeaAnn Knight received the Bennie Warren Distin- 
guished Advisor Award 

Alpha Alpha Zeta Chapter - Natchez Campus 

Mississippi-Louisiana Regional Awards: 

• Five-Star Chapter - highest distinction 

Beta Xi Psi Chapter - Simpson County Center 

International Awards: 
•Top 100 Chapter 

• Christina Wood received the Distinguished Chapter 
Officer Award 

Mississippi-Louisiana Regional Awards: 

• Five-Star Chapter - highest distinction 

• Christina Wood was named Southern District Vice- 

• Runner-up Scholatship Hallmark 

• Amy Sullivan received the Horizon Advisor Award 
for new advisors 

Phi V)eta Kappa All-Mississippi Academic Team: 

• First Team Kelly Stelzriede (W) 

• Second Team: Emily Booth (S), Ellenora McGehee 
(N), Krista Rushing (N), Matthew Windham (W) 

Hall of Fame 

• Emily Booth (S), Dusty Brat- 
ton (W). Quincy Futrell (N), 
Ellenora McGehee (N), Annie 
-V Selman (W), Kelly Stelzriede (W). 
: -flP Jane Ustinova (W), and Matthew 
Emily Booth Windham (W). 

was selected Q , £ ., ch ; 
as Simpson r 

County's first Natchez Campus 
Hall of Fame State Awards: 
inductee. . Qne fim p , acC) three thir(J ^^ 

three fourth place and one fifth 
place awatd 

• Foundation Recognition Award 

International Convention: 

• Megan Edmonds Top 10 in Design of Hotel Lobby 
" Edna Huff received a Certificate of Excellence in 

Marketing Management Competition 

Phi Beta Lambda 

Nu Kappa Chapter - Wesson Campus 

National Competition: 

• First Place Largest Chapter in the Southern Region 

• Award for significant contribution to the March of 

• Outstanding Gold Seal Chapter Award 

• Top 10 Award - Ashley Hancock and Jenna Dicker- 
son Digital Video Production Team 

State/Regional Competition: 

• 53 awards including 15 first place awards, 13 second 
place awards, 1 1 third place awards, and eight fourth 
place awards 

Members of Nu Kappa Chapter attending the national 

competition are seated from left, Kacie Mack , Jane 

Ustinova, Michelle Trest, Caroline Blevins, Crystal 

Ryan; standing from left, Mike Mclntyre {advisor), Leigh 

Easterling (advisor), Brent Skinner, Ashley Hancock, 

lohn Koehler, Justin Lee, Brent Fielder, Renee May of 

Hazlehurst, Steven Covington andTasha Bryant, Suzanne 

Johnson (advisor), Karen Berry (adjunct advisor), Tammy 

Cheramie, and Jenna Dickerson. 

" Chapter awards include Largest Chapter in Atten- 
dance (49 members and three advisors), Largest Local 
Chaptet in Mississippi, third place for Local Chapter 
Annual Business Report, March of Dimes Award, 
Bronze Member and Lifetime Membership in the Phi 
Beta Lambda Foundation 

• Mike Mclntyre received Outstanding PBL Adviser 

■ Jane Ustinova and Michelle Trest were named Who's 
Who in PBL 

• Michelle Trest was elected as Mississippi's PBL State 

4 The Colinian 

Student Achievements 

Psi Alpha Sigma Chapter 

Natchez Campus 

• State Competition: Two second place awards 

Mississippi Community/Junior College Press 
Association and Mississippi Press Association 
Better Newspaper Contest Awards 

• N-Sights- Natchez Campus 

Thirteen awards including one first place, four second 
place, six third place, and two honorable mention 

• The Wolf Tales - Wesson Campus 
Twenty-two total awards including second place in 
General Excellence (MPA), six first place, six second 
place, five third place and five honorable mention 

Skills USA 

State Competition: 
Natchez Campus 

• Dustin Goldsmith - gold medal 

• David Graves - silver medal 

• Sunnus Holloway, Lawrence Foley, 
Levi Johnson, John Polk, and 
Grady Hyde - bronze medals 

Wesson Campus 

• CharledToles - gold medal 

• Daniel Allen, Seth Brown, Brian Davis, and John- 
Grimes - silver medal 

• Joseph Smith, Matthew White, Revis Freeman, and 
Hyok Yo Cothren - bronze medals 

Mississippi Community and 
Junior College All-State Band 
Wesson Campus 

• Erin Douglass, Chanse McMinn, Allen Sanders, 
and Alan Stillwell 

Mississippi Community and 

Junior College State Art Competition 

Wesson Campus 

• Scott Hanson - Overall Best of Show 

• Carolyn Alexander - Second Place Pottery 

■ Dustin Campbell - Honorable Mention D 


Mississippi Community and 
Junior College All-State Choir 

Wesson Campus 

• Benton Bell, DeVon Blackmon- White, Patricia 
Carpenter, Jake Goddard, Claire Johnson, Bethany 
Little, Greg McCloud, Josh McCormick, Chanse 
McMinn, Allen Sanders, Erica Smith, and Brandi 

Respiratory Care Technology Program 

Natchez Campus 

• Sophomores placed fifth in the Louisiana Society for 
Respiratory Care's Pelican Bowl 

• Instructors placed second in the Practitioner Division 
of the Pelican Bowl 

Scholars Bowl Team 

Wesson Campus 

• Team or Ty Anding, Corey Beadles, Matt Hester, 

Houston Hunt, Jacob Long, and Mathew Smith 

won first place in the University of Southern Mis- 
sissippi NAQT 2007 Community College Sectional 
Championship Tournament 

• One of 32 teams in the nation to compete in the 
2007 Division II National Academic Quiz Tourna- 
ment (NAQT) Intercollegiate Championship in 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

• Second place in the Eagle Bowl at Meridian Commu- 
nity College 

■ Third place in the Southwest Mississippi Bowl 

• Ty Anding won the individual award at the South- 
west competition 

Mr. and Miss Co-Lin 

• Ellenora McGehee and Quincy 
Futrell (N) 

• Matthew Windham and Annie 

VI man (W) 

Campus Favorites 

Cameron Arnold (N), Ben Brassfield (W), Danielle 
Buie (N), Taylor Crane (W), Chris Falvey (W), Ja- 
milla Frank (N), Cole Hodges (W), Chelsea Hunter 
(N), Sara Griffin (W), Cally Moore <W), Zellen 
Murray (N), Josh Neeley (W), Kenneth Newborne 
(N), Renada Newell (N), Janet Passman (N), Lacey 
Williams (W), Brad Young (W) 

Most Beautiful 

Wesson Campus 

• Dana Holeman was named Most Beautiful in the 
annual Trillium Beauty Pageant 

• Mare Sims, Jordan Britt, Hailcy Ratcliff, and Hope 
Kelley were named Beauties. 

Food Production and 
Management Technology Program 

• LaCarnya Burden-Hill (W) selected to attend the 
National Restaurant Association's Hotel-Motel Show 
in Chicago, Illinois. 

William Winter Scholars 
Tevah Saxon (N) and Jane Ustinova (W) were 
honored as the 2007 William Winter Scholars at the 
Natchez Literary and Cinema Celebration. 

Martial Arts Club 

" The Wesson Campus hosted the Han Mu Do Tourna- 
ment lor the fourth year with over 450 in attendance 
from all over the South. Dr. He-Young Kimm, the 
rounder of Han Mu Do was on hand for the annual 
tournament. David Higgs, history instructor, serves as 
the club sponsor and tournament director. 

• Nick Bullock - three gold medals, bronze medal 

• John Buie -silver medal, bronze medal 

• Rocky Robinson -gold medal, silver medal 

• Rick Sistrunk -bronze medal 

Futrell and McGehee 

Construction and Renovation 

he renovation of Willie H. Smith Hall 
began as a result of discussions held in 
the summer of 2005 during the Presi- 
dents Cabinet Retreat. The project required 
extensive planning by the college administration 
and by Carl Nobles, architect. The project grew 
when the science division submitted a concept 
for the development of five new science labs on 
the second floor. The project continued to grow 
when a new EPA regulation required an extensive 
ventilation project. This $2.6 million project will 
bring this building to standards for EPA, expand 
and update science labs to state-of-the-art, create a 
much needed suite of faculty offices with necessary 
conference and workspace, and will enhance the 
overall nature of the building. The project began 
in May 2007 and will end in August 2007 and is 
currently on schedule. 

In addition, instructional technology will 
be installed in Smith Hall by the technology divi- 
sion of the college as a separate part of the overall 
project and as a separate cost to the college - esti- 
mated cost is $75,000. 

Callendar Hail has been equipped with air 
for the first time since the building was built. The 
second floor was the original gym for the college, 
but was abandoned for official basketball games in 
the early 1950s in favor of Mullen Gymnasium. 
Since that time the Callendar Hall gym has been 
used for physical education classes. That area was 
very difficult to insulate so that it would be fea- 
sible to provide central heat and air conditioning. 
The maintenance staff replaced the front windows 
during the year. Carpenter Dwight Robinson 

6 The ( - ilini in 

crafted the new windows to look exacdy like the 
original windows. In addition, guards were placed 
on the inside to prevent breakage from loose balls, 
and insulation was added in the ceiling, thus mak- 
ing it feasible for central heat and air. The project 
was completed in the fall of 2006. 

The administration received the final plans 
for the Co-Lin Drive renovation project in June of 
2007. Depending on availability of funds. Phase I 
of this project could begin in the 2007-2008 year. 
A special committee was formed in the late fall 
of 2005 to develop ideas about how to better use 

this space. Serving on the committee are: Donna 
Cunningham, David Higgs, Bruce Irvin, Rhonda 
Ishee, Todd McDaniel, Brenda Smith, Janet 
Smith, Stanley Stewart and Bruce Thomas. Ideas 
generated by this committee were given to the 
engineering firm Williford, Gearhart & Knight, 
Inc. to develop a plan. A landscape architect 
completed the first draft of that plan in the fall of 
2006. Committee members then made suggested 
changes to the plan that led to the finished draft. 
Plans will be available for review by college person- 
nel during the fall of 2007. 

Construction and Renovation 

The college has been in negotiations with 
energy management consultants for several years 
and received approval at the June 7, 2007 Board 
of Trustees meeting to enter into a contract with 
Johnson Controls to provide this service. The 
project will include retrofitting lighting and water 
services on all campuses as needed; upgrading air 
conditioning/heating on the Wesson Campus; up- 
grading controls at the Wesson and Natchez Cam- 
puses; integrating controls at the Simpson County 
Center, as well as at Natchez and Wesson; and in- 
stalling a new chiller unit at The Thames Center. 
The project has a "cash neutral" guarantee, which 
means that Johnson Controls, Inc. guarantees that 
the money saved on energy will pay the note on 
money borrowed to install new equipment and to 
provide services for the college. The project will be 
ongoing during the 2007-2008 year. 

A new fence was constructed around H.L. 
Stone Stadium. The college received payment for 
a portion of the fence from insurance claims due 
to damage from Hurricane Katrina. The remain- 
der of the fence was completed just in time for the 
2006 football season. 

New restroom facilities are being provided 
on the home side of the stadium during the sum- 
mer of 2007. This will be Phase I of the overall 
project to upgrade the home side area, including 
the press box and concession stand. Estimated 
cost for Phase I is $100,000. 

A new tile floor was placed in the cafeteria 
and foyer during the summer of 2006. The new 
floor greatly improved the looks of this important 
area. In addition, a wooden floor was installed 
in the Faculty Dining Room, making that space 
more attractive and much easier for the cafeteria 
staff to keep clean. 

Roof repairs were made on the Wesson 
and Natchez Campuses during the year. Repairs 
were completed on Ellzey Hall (men's dormitory) 
on the Wesson Campus during the summer of 
2006. That building is scheduled for a roof re- 
placement within the next few years. Also on the 
Wesson Campus, the Sandifer Building received 
a new roof during the early summer of 2007. The 
old shingled roof was replaced with a metal roof, 
which blends nicely with the building and has a 
longer life expectancy. 

On the Natchez Campus, the Redd/Wat- 
kins Career Technical Building had major roof 
repair last fall and will be scheduled for a new roof 
in the near future. 

A new 40 ft. X 100 ft. metal building was 
built during the late spring of 2007 to provide a 
space for the football weight program. The metal 
building was contracted, and the maintenance 
staff completed inside improvements to the facil- 
ity, including plumbing, heating and air, electrical 
and insulation. The facility is located next to the 
Charlie Ward Practice Field and will be shared 
with athletes in other sports until arrangements 
can be made to provide upgraded weight room 
facilities for those sports. 

The college purchased a new Chevrolet 
mini-bus in the summer of 2006 to be used when 
there is a need for team/group travel. The 29- 
passenger bus has been used for travel by several 
athletic teams to travel during this year. It has also 
been used by the Fine Arts Division in support 
of the Community Arts Series. The mini-bus has 
provided a means for alternate travel plans when 
the Van Hool bus is in use by another group and 
for smaller groups to travel. It has saved the col- 
lege on expenses for travel, as well a providing an 
alternate means of travel. 

A 30' x 80' storage building was builr for 
the Simpson County Center during the summer 
of 2006. This building houses the outside mowing 
equipment for that campus and provides a safe 
place for dry storage of materials for that campus. 
The outside structure was contracted, and the 
college maintenance staff provided electrical and 
other inside improvements. 

The Mississippi State Board ol Health 
awatded Co-Lin's Wesson Campus a grant in the 
amount of $241,000 last rail to upgrade facilities 
and to prepare for opening a Special Needs Shelter 
in case of a catastrophic event, such as a major 
hurricane or earthquake. Under this grant the col- 
lege has received new generators for Smith Hall, 
Stribling Nursing Building, Mullen Gymnasium, 
and the Henley Cafeteria. The generators are of 
sufficient capacity to totally operate most of these 
buildings in case of power outage. The grant also 
includes funding for two trailers for storing essen- 
tial supplies and a paved area for those trailers to 
be parked at the maintenance facility. This project 
is being completed as the fiscal year ends. 

reer-Technical and Workforce Education 

he Career, Technical and Workforce Edu- 
cation Division have once again had a busy 
year. Several meetings have been held vvith 
local business and industry leaders to update and 
revise program areas. Northrop Grumman and 
Chevron came to campus to talk with students in 
several programs and to recruit students to work 
for them. The Career Fair and Business and Indus- 
try Appreciation Day at Wesson was a success and 
the annual Business and Industry Appreciation 
Day at Natchez was also well attended. 

Recruiting efforts have been in full force 
as Workforce Investment Act CWIA) Education 
and Training Coordinators have recruited in high 
schools, secondary career and technical centers arid 
in the community. These coordinators work from 
the Wesson and Natchez campuses and from the 
WIN Job Centers to assist eligible district resi- 
dents in all seven counties of the Co-Lin district to 
receive funding to attend a certificate or Associate 
in Applied Science degree program. 

Workforce training was provided to meet 
the needs of over 50 businesses, industries and 
agencies throughout the district. These compa- 
nies and governmental agencies took advantage 
of a wide range of short-term training including: 
Computer, Labor Management, MDOT HazMat, 
Heating and Air Conditioning, Forklift, Car- 
diopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), First Aid, 
First Responder, Safety, Customer Service, Team 
Building, Truck Driving, Certified Nurse Assistant 
(CNA) and Basic Skills/GED. The Workforce 
Division continued to provide automotive training 
for one of the larger companies in the district. This 
training was expanded gready during 2006-2007 
because of a major change in personnel at this 
automotive manufacturer. 

Personnel from another major manufac- 
turer within the district received a tremendous 

8 The ( olinian 

amount of training during the year. This was due 
to a change of ownership and a new emphasis on 

The Workforce Division continued to pro- 
vide Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) training and 
Commercial Truck Driving training. Over thirty 
(30) truck drivers have been trained and placed in 
jobs. The total number of CNA's trained in 2006- 
2007 is over 160. This training is funded through 
the U.S. Department of Labor, High Wage, High 
Growth (H1B) grant and administered by the 
State Board for Community and Junior Colleges 

and the Mississippi Department of Employment 

The Workforce staff experienced on- 
campus training in order to help in the delivery of 
services to district clientele. Staff members received 
training in customer service, CPR, First Aid and 
Computer Skills. 

The Medical Laboratory Technology De- 
partment received recertification for seven years. 
This is the maximum number of years a program 

Career-Technical and Workforce Education 

can be certified at one time. Mary Shivers and 
Cindy Higgs are instructors for this program. 

The Mississippi State Board of Cosmetol- 
ogy recently recognized Co-Lins cosmetology 
program for excellent instructional skills for 2006, 
as evidenced by examination results on the Writ- 
ten and Practical Examination and for being in 
the top three schools for composite scores. Robin 
Sroufe and Pam James are instructors for this 

Our student clubs and organizations were 
very successful in state and national competitions 
(see page 2-3). 

Five out of six Health Occupations Pro- 
grams had graduates to achieve 100% passage on 
their nation/state certification. Those programs 
included are Licensed Practical Nursing (Wesson 
and Simpson), Medical Laboratory Technology 
(Wesson), Medical Radiologic Technology (Wes- 
son) and Respiratory Care Technology (Natchez). 

Work-Based Learning 

The goal of the Work-Based Learning pro- 
gram is to help Career-Technical students make 
a successful transition to the workforce through 
supervised work experience and opportunities to 
learn about employer expectations from business/ 
industry partners. Eighty-three srudents from 1 1 
Career and Technical programs were enrolled in 
WBL during the 2006-07 school year. Not only 
did the students enhance their technical skills as 
they worked, they also earned money to help with 
college expenses. The WBL students received an 
average wage of $8.30 and earned $329,595.00. 
Many found permanent employment upon 
graduation as a result of their job performance at 
their WBL work-site. Fifty-five employers joined 

Co-Lin in this partnership, providing experienced 
mentors for the students to help guide them 
through their WBL experience. 

In addition, the WBL program provided 
all Career-Technical students the opportunity to 
learn about employer expectations through the 
monthly job skills newsletters and industry-led 
forums. Back-to-School Day programs were held 
on the Wesson and Natchez campuses. Career- 
Technical students heard former students speak 
on the topic, "Things I Wish I Had Known About 
the Workforce." A Work Ethics Forum was also 
held on the Wesson campus with business/indus- 
try leaders answering questions about employer 
expectations that were submitted by the Career- 
Technical students. The newsletters and the 
forums sponsored by WBL help Career-Technical 
students realize the equal importance of work 
ethic and technical skills in building a successful 

The WBL Coordinator also conducted 
10 workshops on resume writing, interview skills, 
study skills and communication/leadership skills 
throughout the year. 

National Technical Honor Society 

Joining the ranks of the top 10% of the 
nation's Career and Technical students, 61 Co-Lin 
students were inducted into NTHS during the 
school year. Students selected for this highest 
award given to Career and Technical students 
achieved excellence in the areas of scholarship, 
leadership, and work ethic. To be eligible for 
NTHS, students must maintain an overall 3.0 
GPA, with a 3.5 GPA in their Career or Technical 
classes. They must also be active members of their 
student professional organization and must receive 

a nomination from their instructors based on cri- 
teria such as attendance, attitude, dependability, 
teamwork, initiative and quality of work. 

Tech Prep 

Tech Prep continues to provide opportu- 
nities for quality training, workplace experiences, 
and national conference participation tor both 
secondary and postsecondary educators from 
throughout the district. Nearly 400 secondary and 
postsecondary faculty and staft attended various 
Tech Prep sessions on the Wesson and Natchez 

Eighty counselors, Career Center manag- 
ers, and Special Populations coordinators attended 
the September 2006 counselor meeting, the 
October Choices Planner training, and the March 
2007 retreat. They visited Gail Pittman Inc. in 
Madison on their annual industry tour. Nine edu- 
cators participated in the summer 2006 internship 
program; 1 1 are participating in the summer 2007 

Tech Prep co-hosted Medical Programs 
Awareness Day for 203 high school students and 
Career-Technical Programs Awareness Day for 
58 Hazlehurst and Lawrence Counry students in 
February. Thirty-four Computer Networking and 
Drafting and Design students visited the Engi- 
neering Department at the University of South- 
ern Mississippi to explore options in continuing 
their education. Two administrators attended 
the National Tech Prep Network Conference in 
Dallas, Texas, in November 2006. Six educators 
from Co-Lin attended NISOD in Austin, Texas, 
in May 2007. 

Institutional Planning and Research 

This past school year has found things a 
little calmer than in previous years. With SACS 
behind us, the QEP (Ensuring Math Success), 
continuing on smoothly, and the Simpson 
Count)' Center growing in enrollment and wel- 
coming a new dean, the department of Plan- 
ning and Research has been able to concentrate 
on other activities. 

January 2007, in an effort to promote 
professional development, a campus calendar 
was implemented on the Co-Lin website. This 
calendar was designed to highlight available 
courses, seminars, workshops, etc. for faculty 
and staff and would allow for online enroll- 

This past year the Institutional Effec- 
tiveness Committee has taken on the task of 
revising the Employee Performance Evaluation. 
Every employee will still go through the same 
process as in the past, however, the evaluation 
form has undergone significant changes. Two 
teams were selected. One team worked on the 


Training, conversion, and implementa- 
tion have been completed on most of the mod- 
ules in ACCESS (administration application 
software which replaced Jenzabar). ACCESS 
has proven to be very compatible with the 
college's processes, and faculty and staff have 
embraced the new software for a successful 
implementation. Users are to be commended 
for their dedication and willingness to accept 
the extra workload required for the software 

The level of support provided by AC- 
CESS during this conversion has been remark- 

10 The Colinian 

evaluation form that would be used for teach- 
ing faculty only. The other team worked on the 
form that will address all other employee posi- 
tions. These new forms will be ready to imple- 
ment in the spring of 2008. 

This office was also heavily involved 
with a college-wide self-study of Americans 
with Disabilities Act (ADA) issues. This self- 
study was performed to help bring the College 
closer to compliance with ADA standards. A 
committee of 12 members, who represented a 
cross section of college personnel, was appoint- 
ed by the College President to examine all as- 
pects of the college operation in regard to ADA 
compliance. The committee wotked during the 
fall ol 2006 and spring of 2007 to complete 
their assignments. A final report was finalized 
and adopted for presentation to the President. 
This report includes a report on actions taken 
by the college to date and recommendations for 
future action needed. 

able. The support staff has been very patient 
and understanding while teaching the staff 
how to use the software. The technical sup- 
port has been very responsive to the colleges 
requests for software changes and enhance- 
ments. Although a few issues still exist, the 
overall satisfaction with the college's is very 
good. Above all, ACCESS has empowered the 
staff and given them the ability to be very self- 

Distance Learning 

Distance Learning reached a milestone 
in the spring 2007 semester. District wide. 

2007 Data from Campus Climate (Employees) 

Co-Lin students are provided with quality 

educational programs and services. 

Strongly Agree/Agree 
Disagree/Strongly Disagree! Percentage 
For All Campuses 



2007 Data from Graduate Survey (Students) 
What was you overall impression of Co-Lin? 

Wesson Natchez Simpson 

Campus Campus County 

Very Satisfied/Satisfied 99% 1 00% 97% 


Very Dissatisfied 1% 0% 3% 


the college enrolled over 1,000 students in 
online courses! For the fall 2006 semester, 782 
students participated in online classes. Co-Lin 
instructors provided 55 sections of a variety of 
courses. The average number ol courses taken 
by each student was 2.24. 

The State Board of Community and 
junior Colleges recently signed a contract 
with Blackboard which will provide numer- 
ous resources to the college. This is a huge 
project and will be a great educational tool and 
resource for the students, faculty and staff at 

he 18th Annual Natchez Literary and 
Cinema Celebration was held in Feb- 
- ruary 2007 with the theme "Southern 
accents: Language in the Deep South." At the 
NLCC's Awards Night, two Mississippi-con- 
nected authors were honored with the Richard 
Wright Literary Excellence Award, Beverly 
Lowry of Greenville and Al Young, a native 
of Ocean Springs, while Charles Burnett, 
a native of Vicksburg, received the Horton 
Foote Award for Screenplay writing. Co-Lin 

sponsored the second "Chocolate Milk Cafe: 
Young Writers Explore Their Roots," involv- 
ing youngsters in the Miss-Lou reading their 
original works. 

The Natchez Campus sponsored a program by 
the Natchez Festival of Music. Opera singers 
performed a free informative and entertaining 
concert at the campus in May. 

On the Wesson Campus, the Community 
Arts Series celebrated its 26th season in 2006- 
2007. The Aficionado Series was packed with 
five exciting world-renowned performers. 

The String Orchestra of New York City, a con- 
ductorless chamber ensemble, kicked off the 
season. One of the leading young ensembles in 
America, SONYC featured a group of young, 
dedicated and talented chamber musicians 
and soloists. Cellular South was the corporate 
sponsor for the performance. 

The second perfor- 
mance of the series 
featured the 2005 
Van Cliburn In- 
ternational Piano 
Competition Silver 
Medalist and the 
competition's young 
est entrant, Joyce 
Yang of Korea. 

Recognized as an 
exciting new voice in today's chamber music 
scene, the Georgia Guitar Quartet delivered a 
high-energy blend of breathtaking virtuosity 
and imaginative programming while taking an 
adventurous approach to classical music. 

Tenor Joseph Harris and his wife, mezzo- 
soprano Terry Patrick-Harris serenaded the 
audience for a special Valentine's Day perfor- 

Capping off the season was lire Acting Com- 

of Jane Eyre. This coming-of-age story had a 
startlingly modern blend of passions, romance 
and suspense. Valley was the corporate spon- 
sor for the performance. 

The popular Showcase Series featured the ba- 
roque ensemble Promenade and new Co-Lin 
piano instructor Joseph La Rosa. 

Community Arts 

Exhibits by chainsaw artist Billy Fred Mitch- 
ell and Christian watercolorist Gary Walters 
were displayed in the newly renovated Mutton 
Building Gallery. 

In November, the Choral Music Department 
hosted the Southern Charm Cruise Dinner 
Theatre on the college's Wesson Campus. The 
menu included buttermilk batter fried chick- 
en, pineapple glazed ham, cornbread dressing, 
Southern fresh vegetables and casseroles, as- 
sorted salads, homemade banana pudding and 
pecan pie, tea and coffee. The proceeds ben- 
efited the concerr choir's trip to Washington, 
D.C in the spring. 

Foundation / Alumni Affairs 

The Copiah-Lincoln Community College 
Foundation received gifts of more than 
5240,000 in FY 2006-2007. This amount 
includes scholarship support, program support, 
general contributions and funds acquired through 
special events. 

More than 120 students and faculty 
members benefited from approximately Si 30,000 
in Foundation scholarships ranging from $500 to 
$5,000. The Foundation is responsible for manag- 
ing endowed scholarship funds for student and 
faculty scholarships. In addition the Foundation 
supports other programs of the college such as 
Science Quest. The Foundation currently manages 
funds totaling more than 54 million. 

An additional gift of $ 60,000 was re- 
ceived from Mrs. Jewett Taylor. Mrs. Taylor and 
her husband, Fred Taylor, who died in 2003, are 
among the college's largest donors. They have 
made numerous major contributions over the 
years, including funding for the Taylor Library at 
the Simpson County Center, The Fred and Jewett 
Taylor Chapel on the Wesson Campus, estab- 
lished the Taylor Presidential Scholarship fund, 
and provided significant support for the Technol- 
ogy Fund through the college's naming oppor- 
tunity program. They have also contributed to 
numerous other projects such as support for the 
Community Arts Series and the recent fundrais- 
ing project to send the Blue Wave Show Band, 
Colettes and football team to Brunswick, Ga., to 
participate in the Sea Island Company Golden 
Isles Bowl. 

The Foundation also received a $100,000 
pledge from Ed and Barbara Herring of Meadville 
on behalf of Herring Gas Company. The gift will 
be received by the Foundation over a 10-year pe- 
riod. The Herring gift will support such things as 
a lecture series being developed by the college, the 

12 The Colinian 

library. Community Arts Series, and technology 
needs of the college. 

Several endowed scholarships were estab- 
lished during the year, and many donors added 
to already established scholarships. PriorityOne 
Bank has established scholarships to benefit a stu- 
dent from each of Magee High School, Simpson 
County Academy, and Mendenhall High School 
attending Co-Lin at the Simpson County Center. 
The scholarships are for one semester of tuition 
and fees. 

The Jewel 
Knight Memo- 
rial Scholarship was 
established in memory 
of Jewel Knight who 
taught in the Wesson 
Public Schools. Her 
children, Amanda 
Knight Miller and John 
Knight, established the 
scholarship. Fresh- 
men students who are 
graduates of Wesson 
Attendance Center will 
be eligible for the scholarship in the fall of 2008. 

A scholarship fund has also been estab- 
lished in memory of Timmy McNuIty, who died 
of cancer in March 2007. He was a 1978 graduate 
of Co-Lin and a member of the Wolves football 

Gifts are sought to support endowed stu- 
dent and faculty scholarships and other programs 
of the college. Contact Charlotte Hill, Executive 
Director of the Foundation, P. O. Box 649, Wes- 
son, MS 39191 or call (601) 643-8332 to learn 

The Foundation raises funds through golf 
tournaments at Natchez and Wesson. The 7th 

Barbara and Ed Herring (center) present a SI 00,000 pledge on 
behalf of Herring Gas Company to Co-Lin Foundation Executive 
Director Charlotte (left) and Co-Lin President Dr. Howell Garner. 

Annual Natchez Golf Classic raised more than 
$10,000. The 14th Annual Wesson Golf Classic 
raised approximately $12,000. 

In addition, the Foundation participated 
with the office of the college president and com- 
munity volunteers to raise more rhan $52,000 to 
assist with sending the band, Colettes and football 
team to the Golden Isles Bowl Classic in Bruns- 
wick, Ga. 

The Foundation also inducted six new 
members into its Hall of Fame. Inductees in- 
cluded the Brookhaven 
Noon Lions Club, Co- 
ney Burgess, Dr. James 
Ewing, Jr., Lura Greer, 
Herring Gas Company, 
and Margaret Ewing 
Thomas. Members of 
the Foundation Hall of 
Fame have contributed 
a minimum of $10,000. 
Other donors were also 
honored at the Foun- 
dation's major donor 
appreciation dinner. 
The Foundation, a 501C (3) corporation, 
is the fundraising arm of the college. It solicits, 
accepts and manages funds to support the pro- 
grams of the college. Charlotte Hill serves as the 
Foundation's Executive Director, David Campbell 
is the Associate Director of Alumni Affairs, and 
Kristi Watts is the Secretary. 

The Foundation is governed by a volun- 
teer board of directors including officers Bill Salt- 
ers of Natchez, president; Elmer Mclnnis of Jack- 
son, vice-president; Bradley Smith of Brookhaven, 
secretary and Charles Hart of Wesson, treasurer. 
Board members are: Jennifer Covington, 
John Calcote, Robin Faust, Kenny Goza, Cindy 

Foundation / Alumni Affairs 

Hyde-Smith, W. Mark Lewis and Steve McBride, all of 
! Brookhaven; Ralph Anderson of Gulfport; Robert Barne 
| and Dr. Chip Holbrook of Magee; Andrew Calvit, Tetry 

osey and Johnnie 

Carlisle of Wesson; Larry Greer of Ridgeland; Larry Hill and 
Tammy Torrey of Meadville; Asa Hardison and Dr. Sherry 
Chance Pippen of Momicello, Chris Caughman of Menden- 

Alumni Affairs 

Rachel Peeples ('83) of Ridgeland is currently serving as 
president of the Alumni Association. Other officers are Lisa 
Ward Purdie ('84), also of Ridgeland, vice-president and 
Steve Moreman ('84) of Monticello, secretary. 

Homecoming has been scheduled for Saturday, Ocr. 20, 
2007. The program is expected to follow a schedule very 
similar to the 2006 homecoming. Game time is 5:30 p. m. 
for a match up between the Co-Lin Wolves and the East Mis- 
sissippi Community College Lions. A tailgate party at lunch 
is a time for music, food and visits with other alumni. 

The Alumni Association had a successful dues drive this year. 
Dues for membership in the Alumni Association are $25 for 
a single membership and $40 for a couple. A lifetime mem- 

. Alumni of the Blue Wave Band and Colettes organized an 
alumni chapter at the 2006 homecoming. The organization 
is growing, and they plan to award a scholarship, and honor 
alumni with a Band and Colette Hall of Fame and an award 
for Outstanding Young Alumni of the Year. 

Foundation HaJl of Fame 

LIFETIME GIFTS of $10,000 &ab< 

Mrs. Willie Ainsworth* 
Mr. & Mrs. Elbert Allen* 
Mrs. Bonnie D. Anderson 
Mr. & Mrs. Terence Noel Assink 
Mr. & Mrs. Guy Barr 
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Bates 
Mrs. Mary Anna Bcall-Grammer 
(Sam E. Bcall, Deceased) 

Mr. & Mrs. T Waring Bennett 
(Mr. Bennett, Deceased) 
Mr. Mazary E. Brewer' 
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Britt 
Brookhaven Lion's Club 
Mr. & Mrs. Coney C. Burgess 
Ms. Johnnie Ruth Carlisle 
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Causey 
Dr. Robert Bennie Channell* 
Copiah I 
Dr. Dwight Douglas Davis* 
Mrs. Kathy B. Dugas 
Mr. Ben M. Durr 
Dr. James Ewing, Jr. 
Fifty Plus Club 
Mrs. Nona Fortcnberry 
Mr. & Mrs. Lester Fun- 
Mr. Furr, Deceased) 
Dr. & Mrs. Howell C. Garner 
Mrs. Jodie K. George* 
Georgia-Pacific Monticello Mill 
Georgia-Pacific Foundation 
Mrs. Lura Greer 
Dr. & Mrs. Ray Otto Mammons 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold H. Harris 

Mr. Harris B. Flenley 

Herring Gas Company 

Mr. & Mrs. Carroll V. Hood 

Jackson Coca-Cola 

Jeff Gatlin - Gatlin Corporation 

Mr. Earvin "Magic" Johnson 

Mrs. 'fhclma Hemphill Jones' 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Lewis 

Mr. Michael G. Lusk, Sr. 

Mrs. Mary Lou King-Allen 

(Mr. Hansel King, Deceased) 

Ms. Gwen S. McCalip 

Mr. H. F. McCarty* 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. McGchcc 

(Mr. Charles McGchce, Deceased) 

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Pattterson* 

Mr. Modcna Hodges Peterson* 

Mr. L Frank Pitts 

Mr. & Mrs. Shelby Pitts* 

Mr. & Mrs. Troy Pitts 

Mr. Rex Popplcwell* 

Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Redd (Mr. Redd, Deceased) 

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Reynolds 

Mr. & Mrs. Milton Robichaux, Sr. 

Mrs. Martha C. Sinclair 

State Bank & Trust Company 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Fred Taylor 

(Mr. Taylor, Deceased) 

Dr. & Mrs. Billy Bass Thames . 

Mrs. Margaret Ewing Thomas • 

Mr. Fred Thompson* 

Trustmark National Bank 


Mr. Burlian O.Walker 

Ms. Zelle Warns' 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Williams 

(Mr. Williams, Deceased) 

* Deceased 

Roll of Donors 

IL'LV 1,2006- MAY .51, 2007 

Foundation / Alumni Affairs 

Ms. Bert)' Abdo 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Glynn Abel 

Mr. & Mrs. Elizabeth A. Adcock 

Mrs. Louann Aegerrer 

Mr. & Mrs. Wiley Ainsworrh 

\tr H' Mrc noni-1 P Alhrirrnn 

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Albrirron 
Mrs. Franklne B. Albritton 
Mrs. Sharon Alexander Langley 
Mr. & Mrs. William Clayron Allen 

Mr. Steven Animann 

Ms. Karhryn Amnions 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W Andrews, Jr. 

Arthurs Tires, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Terence N. Assink 

AT&T Mississippi 

Mr. & Mrs. Larue Baker 


Bank of Franklin 

Mr. Douglas Barker 

Mr. & Mrs. Guy Barr 

Dr. & Mrs. Kyle Bateman 

Mr. Travis F. Bcdsole 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Bel 


LTC Lee Will Berry, III 

Big M Supply Co 

Mr. Neil Blair 

Black Jack Oil Company 

Mrs. Gladys Bell Blakcney 

Mrs. Diane Blankenhorn 

Rlanlwncr^n'* C,™ft, 

Mr. Paul S. Board 

Mrs. Lisa Bodin 

Mrs. Ashley Bonds 

Mr. Walter J. Bone 

Mr. & Mrs. Leon Boone 

Mrs. Connie H. Boyd 

Mr. & Mrs. James Brady 

Dr. & Mrs. Jewell J. Breeland 

Mr. & Mrs: Floyd V. Brent, Jr. 

Mr. Leslie Brewer 

Mr. & Mrs.. Martin L. Bridges 

Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Britt 

Frances M. Brirr 

Ethel Mae Brirt 

Mr. & Mrs. Denny Britt 

Mr. Kenny Britt, Sr. 

Britton & Koontz 1st National Bank 

Mrs. Doris B. Broadus 

Brookliaven Animal Hospiral 

Brookhaven Glass Company 

Dr. Phillip Bropr 

Mr. & Mrs. Garland Brown 

Mrs. Marilyn B. Brown 

Buffalo Services, Inc. 

Mr. Willard Bullen 

Percy L. Bullock 

Mr. Royce Bullock 

Burgess Crechale & Necaise P.A 

Mr. & Mrs. Coney C. Burgess 

Chris Burke 

Ted Burns 

James Ray Burr 

Mrs. Deborah Bush 

Byrne Insurance Agency 

Cable One 

Mr. & Mrs. James V. Cagle 

Mr. & Mrs. Don Cagle 

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Calcote 

Ms. Sharon E. Calhoun 

Callon Petroleum Operating Co 

Connie D. Calloway 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Calvit 

Mr. David E. Campbell, Sr. 

Mrs. Amy Case 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen G. Case 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Causey 

Cellular South 

Century Investment Group 

Chevron Corporation 

Dr. & Mrs. Tom R. Clark 

Class of 1966 

Mr. & Mrs. Rickey T. Clopton 

Mrs. Claudine S. Coker 

Mr. Jack N. Coleman 

Miss Mattie Mae Coleman 

Rev. Robert H. Conerly 
Conoco Phillips Company 
Copiah Bank 
Copiah County Economic 
Development District 
Mr. Mickey W. Corban 
Mr. Gregory L. Cotton 
Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Cowart 
Sonya W. Cowen 
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Cox 
W. Bodie Crumpton 
Mr. James Cummings 
D. R. McGehee Agency, Inc. 

Mrs. Ruth Dale 

Robert L. Daniel 

Mr. Marc A. Daniels 


Mr. Johnnie Ray Dear 

Delta Bank 

Mrs. Carol H. Dendy 

Dickerson & Bowen 

Mr. & Mrs. Lester P. Douglas 

Mrs. Helen Dowling 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Dugas 

Mrs. Stacey R. Duke 


Mr. & Mrs. Bennie Durr 

ohn Knighl (right), | 
_._» Hill, executive dir 
-Lincoln Community College Found 
-' Knight Memorial Scholarship. Knighl tan 
*r discovery in Wesson Public Schools for 
ie died of cancer in 2005. The first scholar 
I in thp fall nf 7(108 io a freshman Co-Lin s 
idance Center. 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Durr 
Mr. & Mrs. Danny L. Dykes 
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Dykes 
Mrs. Jane Dykes 

Foundation / Alumni Affairs 

Emerald Star Casino Natcl 

Entergy Operations 

Mr. Floyd Eppinette 

Michael Essary 

Terry Estes 

Dr. and Mrs. James &c Ellen Ewing 

Farm Bureau Agents 

Farm Bureau of Mississippi 

Mr. Michael B. Faust 

Joseph A. Fernald 

David Fields 

Fifty-Plus Club 

Lynda N. Finstad 

Dr. & Mrs. Grady L. Fleming, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Tommy E. Franklin 
Franklin Co Board of Supervisors 
Franklin County Chamber of Cor 
Franklin Telephone Co., Inc. 
Franklin Timber Co 

w_ n ei e.__i 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Fun- 
Mrs. Karhryn D. Gabbert 
Mrs. Sissy E. Gandy 
Dr. & Mrs. Howell C. Garner 

Mrs. Scherry Gilliland 
Miss Martha Ginn 

""ild Globetti 
Mr. Kenneth Goza 
Mrs. Toni P. Goza 
Dr. Dennis Granberry 

Mrs. Linda Green 

Mr. Alton B. Greenlee 

Mr. & Mrs. James Larry Greer 

Ms. Lura Greer 

Mr. Troy C. Greer 

Mr. & Mrs. John Griffith 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Gi " 

Mrs. Sarah P. Halford 

Robert W. Hamilton 

Harmons Food Service 

Mrs. Irline C. r 

Mr. Asa Hardison 

Mrs. Patricia Harper 

Ronnie Harris 

Mr. Robert D. Hawkins 

Kevin Hayes 

Mr. David N. Heard 

Stuart M. Heflin 

Mr. Harris B. Henley 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Hennington 

Herring Gas Company 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Herring 

Mr. Jim Hickman 

Trey Hill 

Mrs. Charlotte Hill 

Mr. Sonny Hill 

Mr. & Mrs. Grady L. Hillman 

Phillip R. Hilton 

\a- m.„i.._ u: 

Julia R. Hodges 

Holmes Specialty Advertising 

Dr. & Mrs. Wendell B. Holmes 

Neil J. Honan 


Wade M. Hopkins 


Mr. William F. Howard 
Becky Howard 

Hudson Pharmacy 
Mrs. Zan Hudson 
Ms. Mary Martha Hudson 

K/_ *7„..l- \A u..<r 

Dr. Rich Hunnicutt 

Shelley S. Huskey 

Independent Oil & Coal Compan 

Isle of Capri Casinos 


Paul W. Jackson 

Donald Jackson 

Ms. Mary Ann Jasper 

Mr. Randy Johns 

Mrs. Sarah G. Johnson 

Bradley B. Johnson 

Mrs. Maryile V. Johnston 

Mr. Tommy Jolly 

Dee Jones 

James A. Jones 

Jeffrey C. Jones 

Mrs. Bobby June Jones 

Michael D. Jones 

Mr. Darryl Jordan 

Louis Jurney 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Kelly 

JannT. Kenney 

Mr. & Mrs. W<____, 

Charles Kergosien 

Kimberly-Clark Foundation 

Mr. & Mrs. Bennie E. Kimble 

NanceeJ. King 

Mr. & Mrs. A. H. King 


MUH tiM) 

Samuel C. King 

Mr. John J. King 

Robert W King 

Kings Daughters Medical Center 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Klar 

Mrs. Lea Ann Knight 

Mr. Galen M. LaFrancis 

Kevin W. Laird 

Brenda R. Laird 

Mr. Elbert S. Lambert 

Mrs. Wilma D. Lambi 

Mr. Glyn Langston 

Lawrence Co Board of Supervisors 

Joseph T. Layton 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Ledbettcr 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory T. Lee 

Legacy Auto Group 

Mrs. Johnnie Lehman 

Mrs. Amy P. Lewis 

Mr. Larry Lewis 

Mr. & Mrs. James Lightsey 

Foundation / Alumni Affairs 

Mrs. Marie A. Lofton 

Mr. & Mrs. Randall J. Lofton 

Mr. &C Mrs. Herman Lofton 

Mrs. Margie Lowery 

Mr. LavcrneM. Lowery 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Lusk, Sr. 

Mrs. Nira F. Lutter 

Eileen M. Maher 

M L Jones Services 

Magec Physical Therapy 

Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Mangum, Jr. 

Sara R. Marchbanks 

Mrs. Ellen C. Martin 

Mrs. Esther S. Martin 

M»»1»R Marliic 

Martha Matthews 
Mrs. Mona M. Ma 
Mr. & Mrs. Tom B. Maxwell 

Charles E. McArthur 

Mr. Darren R. McCaffcry 

Mrs. Gwen S. McCalip 

Mr. Charles McCall 

Mrs. H. E McCarty, Jr. 

Mrs. Stephanie J. McCormick 


Mr. & Mrs. Willie McGee 

McGchec McGehcc & Torrey Alt* 


Mr.* & Mrs. Charles W. McCrh 

Mr. & Mrs. Mayes McGouu. 

Mr. & Mrs. James Paul Mclnnis 

Mr. James B. Mclntyre 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Mclntyre 

Jack McLcmorc 

Flora M. McNulry 
Kathy B. McPhail 
Mrs. Ouida M. Merrill 

Mr. Joe F. Middleton 
Amanda Miller 

Natchez Regional Medical Center 

Dr. & Mrs. James F. Nations 

Mr. William O. Nations 

Jimmy Nations 

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Nettles 

Ben Charles Newman 

Mrs. Anna R. Newsome 

Former Co-Lin Coach Alton Greenlee (left) and alumna Johnnie Ruth Carpenter Carlisle 
(second from left) reminisce with old friends during the college's homecoming activities. 

jvmMMijjpi jpurts meaicine 

Vicki Mitchell 

Mr. Pete Moak 


Monticello Chamber of Commerce 

Mrs. Miriam Mu^i 
Charles A. Myers 
Mrs. Karen S. Naron 
Natchez Community Host. 
Natchez Newspapers, Inc. 

Rev. & Mrs. James B. Nicholson 
Mr. James C. Nix 
Mrs. Linda Nix 

Oakland Land & Development 
Mr. Ricky Odom 

radise Byrne Corporation 
Mr. & Mrs. G.O.Parker, jr. 
Mrs. Brenda Parrett 
Robert E. Parsons 
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Patrick 
Mrs. Joy Patterson 
Mr. Howard K . Patron 

Ms. Sharon E. Payn 

Dr. Herbert R. Pearce 

Rev. Kenny W. Peavey 

Peoples Bank 

Peoples Bank of Franklin Co. 

Mr. John RPeritt 

Judy S. Pettey 

Phoenix Fire Equipment Compan 

Dr. Sherry D. Pippen 

Marie N. Polk 

Miss Betty F. Pope 

Lori A. Porter 

Sam Porter 

Mrs. Claude E. Porter 

Mr. &C Mrs. Michael Jeff Posey 

Positive Pest Control 
Mr. Raford Prather 
Mr. Don Presley 
Mrs. Mary D. Primos 
PriorityOne Bank 

Mrs. Jessie A. Puryear 
Mr. & Mrs. Wilroy Ratcliff 
Mr. David M. Read 
Red Mortgage Capital, Inc. 
Mrs. Shclia M. Reed 
Mr. & Mrs. M. L . Rcei 
Regions Morgan Keej 
Mrs. Pamela Reid 
Mr. Steven R. R< 
Rentech Development i^orp 
Mr. &C Mrs. Roy Reynolds 
Mr. & Mrs. Alton M. Ricks 
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Ricks 
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard L. Riley 

Foundation / Alumni Affairs 

Mrs. Susan R. Riley 

Mr. Harry Riser 

Rivergate Bowling Lanes 

Mr. & Mrs. Jim W. Robbins 

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Roberts 

Miss Rcba Roberts 

Mr. & Mrs. Milton Robichaux, Sr. 

Donald P. Romero, Jr. 

Janis C. Royals 

Roy Rushing 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Keith Russell 

Charles R. Russell 


Mrs. Marguerite Rutlcdge 
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Salters 
Mr. Thomas E. Sasser 
Mrs. Annette L. Sasser 
Mr. & Mrs. Cleston Savoie 

Mrs. Nancy Shell 

Mrs. Ruby Jean Shi ' 

Mr. Charles L. Shiwi* 

Ms. Glenda Silvcrii 

Mr. Silas Simmons 

Mrs. Jean S. Simonton 

Simpson Co Board of Supervisors 

Darren Sims 

Virginia J. Sims 

; Sinclair 
Dr. & Mrs. Albert J. Singletary 
Marilyn Slay 

Smith Printing & Office Supplies 
G. Dale Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. James Bradley Smith 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronny S. Smith 

Stephen J. Smith 

Mrs. Janet Smith 

Jason P. Smith 

Doris B. Smith 

John B. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Shane Smith 

Frank C. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Homer E. Smith 

Randall L. Smith 

Southern Diversifi 

Southwest Missis 

Jim Spiers 

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Spitalc, Jr. 

Nancy H. Spradlin 

St. Ambrose leadership College 

Stan King Chevy-Olds 

Mrs. Mildred H. Stamps 

1: * : -s Group 

State Bank & Trust Company 
State Farm Companies 
Stedman and Associates Realtors 
Stephens & Hobdy Insurance 
Mr. Robert E. Stevens 
Stockett Realty and Insurance 
Jeremiah Stogner 
Mr. & Mrs. Qucntin Stringer 
Strong Hope Baptist Church 
Sullivan Dental Center 
Supermarket Operations, Inc. 
Mrs. Kathy D. Sutton 
Melanie Sykcs 
T. G. McCary Photography 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Tanner 
Mrs. Jewett Taylor 
Mr. Bobby R. Taylor 
Mr. & Mrs. Ray H. Taylor 

Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Templet 
Bobby T. Templeton 
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Terry 
Dr. Billy B. Thames 
Mrs. Robbie C. Thibodcaux 
Mrs. Margaret Thomas 
Thorpe Sheet Metal 
Tims Hardware 
Mrs. Tammy Torrey 
Town of Monticello 
Mrs. Sandra C. Tresscler 
Mr. & Mrs. Burnice A. Trevil 

Mr. W.Paul Tucker 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard M. 'full 

Mrs. Gayle H.Ti 

Sam C. Tummineuo, jr. 

Mr. M.K.Turk 

Chris Turnagc 

Mr. & Mrs. Laura B.Tyson 

United Mississippi Bank 

Valley Services, Inc. 

W. W Norton Company, Inc. 

Mr. Burlian O. Walker 

Ms. Patricia Ann Walker 

Mr. Otto L. Walker 

Mr. Marvin Wallace 

Mr. Glenn V. Wallace 

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Walley 

Wal-Mart Distribution 

Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Ward, Sr. 

Waste Ma 

Mr. Shelby R. Watts 
Dr. Steve C. Wells 
Mrs. Joy L. Wesbrooks 
Wesson Chamber of Commcrc 

Wesson Lions Club 

Mr. Curtis M. Weston 

Ruby White 

Mrs. Delores White 

Mr, Jerry E. Wilkinson 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Wilkinson 

John L. Williams 

Mrs. BctticJ. Williams 

Ms. Gcniecc Williams 

Mrs. Mary L. Williams 

Mr. James E. Williamson 



Mr. Henry L. Wilson 

Ronald Wojcik 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Wood 

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Wooten 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Archie C. Young 

Athletic Achievements 


2006 Record 9-3 

• MACJC South Division Champions and MACJC 
State Runners-Up 

• Sea Island Company Golden Isles Bowl Champions 

• Ranked No. 6 in the final NJCAA poll 

• Jesse Bowman named NJCAA Second Team 
All-American, MACJC All-State, MACJC Most 
Valuable Defensive Lineman, MACJC First Team 
All-South Division 

• Cedric Johnson named NJCAA Hon- 
orable Mention All-American, Sea Is- 
land Golden Isles Bowl Most Valuable 
Player, MACJC Most Valuable Player, 
MACJC All-State, MACJC South Di- 
vision Most Valuable Offensive Back, 
MACJC First Team All-South Division 
■ Matthew Delaughter named NJCAA Distinguished 
Academic All-Amerian 

• Raven Gray, Michael Bibbs, and Jasper O'Quinn 
named MACJC All-State Team 

• Phillip Freeman, Aaron Johns, Gray, Bibbs, and 
O'Quinn named MACJC First Team All-South 

• Head Coach Glenn Davis named NJCA Region 
XXIII Coach of the Year and George Sekul Out- 
standing Community College Coach Award 


Mens 2006 Record: 4-10-1 

• Finished in fifth place in the MACJC South Division 

• Brad Brister named NJCAA All-Region XXIII and 
MACJC All-State 

• Brad Young named NJCAA Academic All-American 

Women's 2006 record: 8-7 

• 2006 Tom Shephard Sportsmanship Award 

• 2006 NJCAA No. 8 Academic Team of the Year 
' Finished in fifth place in the MACJC 

South Division 

• Stephanie Presley named NJCAA 
Distinguished Academic All-American 

• Amber Bowman named NJCAA All- 


Region XXIII and MACJC All-State 


Women's 2006-2007 Record 30-5 

• 2007 MACJC South Division Champions 

• 2007 MACJC State Runner-Up 

• 2007 NJCAA Region XXIII Champions 

• 2007 NJCAA Division I National Basketball Tourna- 
ment Sixth Place Finish 

• Ranked No. 9 in the final NJCAA poll 

• Nikki Williams named NJCAA First Team All- 
American, NJCAA Ail-Region XXIII, NJCAA Region 
XXIII All-Tournament Team, MACJC First Team All- 
State, and MACJC All-Star 

• Erica Trahan named NJCAA All- 
All-Tournament Team, MACJC Firsr 
Team All-State, and MACJC All-Star 

• Roneasa Garner named NJCAA Dis- 
tinguished Academic All-American 

• Head Coach Gwyn Young named MACJC Coach of 
the Year and NJCAA Region XXIII Coach of the Year 

Mens 2006-2007 Record 20-9 

• 2007 MACJC State Finalist 

• 2007 NJCAA Region XXIII Semi-Finalist 

• GregTruvillion named NJCAA All-Region XXIII 
First Team, NJCAA All-Region XXIII All-Tourna- 

ment Team, Co-Newcomer of the Year, MACJC First 
Team All-State 

• Christian Marshall named MACJC Second Team 

• Zach Thomas played in the MACJC All-Star Game 


Men's 2007 Record 11-5 

• 2007 NJCAA No. 1 Academic Team of the Year 

(3.61 GPA) 

• Cody Cunningham, Jon Goldman, Brett Hart, 
Giles Langston, and Josh Peckham named 2007 

Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) 

• Cunningham named NJCAA Distinguished Aca- 
demic All-American 

Members of (he NJCAA Academic Team of the Year in 
Men's Tennis are from left, Cody Cuningham, Giles Langston, 
Jon Goldman, Josh Peckham, Joey Ratcliff, Phillip Hammond, 

Reese Daniels, Bret! Hart, and Coach Mike Mclntyre. 

• Goldman, Langston and Peckham named NJCAA 
Academic AIl-Americans 

• Finished in third place in the South Division 

• Finished in fifth place in the MACJC State/NJCAA 
Region XXIII Tournament 

18 TheColinian 

Athletic Achievements 

Women's 2007 Record 9-5 

• 2007 NJCAA No. 1 1 Academic Team of the Year 


2007 Record 22-24 

• 2006-2007 NJCAA No. 9 Academic Team of the Year 

• Edward Joe, III and Kyle Fairley 

named NJCAA Distinguished Academic 

• Cole Hodges and Dane Orders 
named NJCAA Academic All-American 

• Steven Gauthe 1 received Rawlings 
Gold Glove Award, named MACJC All- 
State and NJCAA All-Region XXJ 




2007 Record 25-15 

• 2007 NJCAA No. 30 Academic Team 
of the Year 

• Annie Selman named NJCAA Dis- 
tinguished Academic All-American 

• Erin Douglass named NJCAA All- 

Region XXIII, MACJC First Team All-State, and 
MACJC First Team All-South Division 
' Meleah Brown named NJCAA All-Region XXIII, 
MACJC First Team All-State, and MACJC First 
Team All-South Division 

• Kady King and Kayla Crochet named MACJC 
Second Team All-State and MACJC Second Team 
All-South Division 

• Ashley Sykes and Emily Langley named MACJC 
Third Team All-South Division 


2007 Record: Four third place finishes, three 

fourth place finishes 

■ MACJC State Tournament tied for fifth place 

«| • 2007 NJCAA No. 18 Academic Team 
I of the Year 
I • Grant McDonnieal named NJCAA 
I All-Region XXIII, MACJC All-State, 
I and finished tied for 21st in the 
NJCAA Division II National Golf 


Members of the NICAA Region XXI I L Champion Lady Wolves 
are kneeling from led, Gary Agee (manager), Kevin King 
(manager), Corissa Tillman, Alicia Kennedy, Nikki Williams, 
Whitney Scott; standing from left, head coach Gwyn Young 
MattMcClain (athletic trainer), Erica Trahan, ShaleniaWilcher, 
Alisha Mason, Hanna Porter, Dominique Whitfield, Tyesha 
Williams, Kristin Ellis, Roneasa Garner, and lalissa Sandlfer, 


In their first howl appearance since 
1 085, l lie Wolfpack defeated the Georgia 
Military College Bulldogs 21-0 in the 
Sea Island Company Golden Isles Bowl 
Classic in Brunswick, Georgia. Ii was the 
first shutout victory in the 1 J -year history 
of the howl. 

flici olinian 19 

Community Programs 

The Division of Community Programs at 
Copiah- Lincoln Community College strives 
to promote relevant, excellent, and affordable 
programs and services for individuals seeking improved 
quality of life through lifelong learning. The division 
provides educational and training programs, cultural 
and recreational opportunities, and employment 
preparation services to constituents from the college 
service area and beyond. In 2006-2007, over 14,000 
individuals were assisted through the various programs 
and services provided within the division. In addition, 
the Division secured over 3970,000 in federal grants to 
operate three federal programs. 

Adult Basic Education (ABE) served over 850 adults in 
the district who did not complete high school or who 
needed to upgrade their basic skills. The program part- 
nered with 15 locations to provide 25 classes and over 
45,000 classroom hours. One hundred eighty-two 
students in the Adult Basic Education ptogram passed 
their high school equivalency examination, and 86 of 
those passing entered college or other posr-secondary 
training programs. The 
first annual "GED to 
j CLCC Day" series was 
! offered at all three cam- 
i puses/centets and made a 
i significant impact on the 
number of GED gradu- 
ates entering Copiah- 
Lincoln Community 
College. Approximately 
600 students in the district took the General Educa- 
tional Development Test (GED), with 350 passing the 
examination. The department also partneted with the 
Brookhaven School District to offer the GED Op- 
tion program to 20 students, 10 of whom received 
their GED diploma. The college also participated in 

a regional GED graduation ceremony, and hosted the 
first annual GED graduation in Simpson County at 
Magee High School. All high scoring GED examinees 
were awarded a scholarship valued at $800 at any of 
the Copiah-Lincoln Community College campuses or 

The Senior Community 
Employment Service Pro- 
gram (SCSEP) is a work- 
training program funded 
by the U.S. Department 
of Labor, which enables 
senior citizens to work 
and to provide services 
locally to the elderly and 
needy. Co-Lin operates 
the Senior AIDES Pro- 
gram, sponsored by Senioi 
Services America, Inc., 
and the Title V Program sponsored by Southwest MS 
Planning and Development District. SCSEP provides 
part-time employment for men and women 55 years 
of age or older who have limited incomes. Participants 
are assigned to positions that revitalize and enhance 
their job skills while supporting local non-profit and 
governmental agencies in the 12 counties served by the 
program. In 2006-2007, the program employed 120 
enrollees and served 52 host agencies. In addition, over 
25 enrollees secured unsubsidized employment. 

The Upward Bound program assists high school 
students who are potential first-generation college 
students or who are from low-income families in 
developing the skills required to experience success in 
post-secondary education. In 2006-2007, the federal 
grant allowed the program to serve 60 students in 
the regular Upward Bound program. In addition, an 

initiative grant was awarded to the college, which al- 
lowed the program to provide services to an additional 
20 students in high-risk areas. During the academic 
year, 87 students from the six target schools received 
instructional, tutorial, and counseling services at their 
local high school and at seven monthly sessions held on 
Saturdays at the college. The Upward Bound program 
also enrolled 82 students 
to participate in a six-week 
summer residential pro- 
gram at the college. 

2006-2007 marked the 
10-yeat anniversary for 
The Institute for Learn- 
ing in Retirement (1LR) 
on the Wesson campus, 
A special reception was 
1 held in the fall to com- 
memorate this event. The 
ILR membership grew to 125 members; they hosted a 
membetship social at the beginning of each semester 
and Fun Day once each month. In addition, they held 
eight luncheon lectures; 21 special interest classes; host- 
ed five day trips and two out-of-state overnight trips. 

In 2006-2007, the Billy B. Thames Conference Center 

scheduled just over 600 functions attended by 13,000 
participants. The Thames Center staff worked with 
17 new clients and hosted just over 100 overnight 
guests. The Thames Center staff works in cooperation 
with the Workforce Education Division of the college 
to schedule specialized training and other workshops 
for business and industry. Other local businesses, 
civic groups and individuals also utilize the center for 
a variety of functions including luncheons, banquets, 
receptions, and other special events. 

20 The Colinian 


'ohn R. Dickerson has been ap- 
pointed Dean of the Simpson 
County Center. He previously 
ed as Senior Associate Director of 
Admissions and Scholarships at Mis- 

iippi State University. His began his 
duties on June 18. 

High Performance Award winners for 2006-2007 were 
Bryon Conville (S), Librarian; Mark LaFrancis (N), 
Director of Public Information/Humanities Division 
Instructor; Arthur Jackson (N), Security Officer; 
Dottie Lawson (W), Adult Basic Education Lab 
Facilitator; Neisha Leggett (W), Special Populations/ 
Counselor; Laura Lofton (W), Director of Distance 
lyne Middleton (S), Academic Advi- 
sor/Science Divisionlnstructor; Julia Parker (W), Up- 
ward Bound Coordinate*- n '■ ; ' 
Coordinator; and Joe Swoveiana un;, oociai science 
Division Instructor. Award winners from the mainte- 
nance division were Phyllis Burge (W) and Dwight 
Robinson (W).High Performance winners from Valley 
Services were Dosky King (W), Gail McGruder (N), 
and Myitis Tillman (W). 

Attending the National Institute fot St; " 

[ional Development (NISOD) Conference in Austin, 
*.jxas were Oenise Riley (W) Fine Arts Division 
Instructor; Brandon Russell (W), Drafting and Design 
Technology Instructor; Dr. Rhonda Smith (S) Acting 
Dean of the Simpson County Center; Robin Sroufe 
(W) Program Coordinator Cosmetology; and Charles 
Stroupe (N) Electronics/Instrumentation Technology 

Humanities Division Instructor, Everett 

ay (W), and Director of Public 
Information/Humanities Division 
Instructor, Mark LaFrancis (N), were 
selected as Humanities Instructors of 

, the Year by The Mississippi Humanities 


Jeff Posey ( W), Director of Adult Education, received 
the 2006-2007 Adult Education Supervisor of the Year 
for the South/Central Region during the 2007 Summer 
Adult Education Conference. He was also elected to 
serve on the Mississippi Association of Adult and Com- 
munity Education (MAACE) board of directors for the 
next three years. 

imber of Commerce honored, Truck 
Driving Instructor, Terry Munn (W), as Educator of 
the Year. 

Humanities Division Instructor) Jan Pickle (N) was 
selected as the 2006-2007 HEADWAE (Higher Educa- 
tion Appreciation Day-Working for Academic Excel- 

Thc Copiah-Lincoln Community College Alumni 
Association honored Science Division Instructor, Dr. 
Kevin McKone (W), as the Outstanding Academic 
Instructor of the Year; Program Coordinator Medi- 
cal Laboratory Technology, Mary Shivers (W), as the 
Outstanding Career and Technical Instructor of the 
Year; and Child Care Giver, Melissa Kyzar (W), as the 
Outstanding Staff Member of the Year. 
Jill Logan (W), Associate Dean for Instruction, re- 
ceived a doctorate degree from Jackson State University. 

Receiving master's degrees were Barbara Moak (W), 
Payroll Manager, and Karen Gaudet (W), Upward 
Bound Advisor. 

gs (W), Social Science Division Instructor, 
received the Arizona-New Mexico Joint History Con- 
vention's 2007 Barry M. Goldwater Award. 

Natalie Davis (W), Director of Public Information/ 
■ Humanities Division Instructor, was named the Eta 
Omega Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa's 2006 Faculty 

I staff re< ipienls of the L Frank Pitts Fa< ultj De- 

S< lioLirslups Irnm llie Wesson Olinpus are from 
I. ( fain fod) Hoffi Margaret Brill David Higgs. 
Ken Chapman and Deborah Bush. 

Humanities Division Instructor, Glenda Silverii (W), 
and Assistant Librarian, Beth Richard (N), were 
selected the 2007 William Winter Faculty Scholars 
and were honored by the Natchez Literary and Cinema 

in. ■ i Ihi i h ' I i im I 

I onfetence were Rob i h n 

and ■■M ' onditioning fa hnolo 

r< ' i i Institute mal PI ■■■■ and I e ■ an h I, m 

I .: ■ ■ ■ ■ 

i Irafting and I >esign '■ i toi 

rafting and Design Technology Instructor, 

Brandon Russell (W) and Director of Dis- 

F tance Learning, Laura Lofton (W), received 

tneir oaccalaurcate degrees from franklin University. 

Billie Fayc Sartin (W) and Julie Gaudin (W), Medi- 

ircate in Radiolc 

I College of Hen 

Instructor, passed with excellence the National Oc- 
cupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) 
examination in Electronic Technology Perforn 

Respiratory Care Practitioner Instructor, Walt Wils__ 
(N), and Humanities Division Instructor, Judy Wig- 
gins (N), were named Outstanding Teachers by the 
Natchez-Adams Chamber of Commerce. 

Carolyn Elveston, Food Services Man 
ager, nine years; Linda Walker Gf 
Library Assistant, 10 years; and Kayc 
Harris, Associate Dean of Career and 


Jody HofF(W), Program Coordinator Food Produc- 

Director of Public Information/Humanities Division 

ogy was selected out of Instructor, Natalie Davis (W); Workfo 

JO applicants to attend the National Rest 
ociation's Hotel-Motel Show in Chicago 

Natalie Davis (W), D 
Humanities Division I 

Special ist/C 
Awards fro 

JV), Director of Public Information/ 
ision Instructor, and Celeste William- 
3rce Development Center Training 
\f n«;» n *r r»™;,«j c;i„„.. ~~a n-„,™ 

National Council for Marketing and 
(NCMPR) District 2. 

Division, was inducted into the Cloud 
,\j County (KS) Community Colli 
Sports Hall of Fame. 

Automotive Technology Instructors 

son ( W) and Ray Taylor 
(W) were awarded recertification as Master Automotive 

Ti-rhniYianc kvLlio Morrnnol Incrln.r^ f„r A„ rn „, nf !„ 

i Service Excellence. 

ment Center Training Specialist/Graphic Designer, 
Celeste Williamson (W); Education and Training 
Coordinator, Keith Stovall (W) and Director of Public 
Information/Humanities Division Instructor, Mark 

Retirees from the Wesson Campus are from left, Louts Du- 
gas, Dean ol Career-Tei hnical and Workforce Education, 
2.S years; Ellen Martin, Work-Based Learning Coordinator, 
1 S years; Shirley Knapp, Tech Prep Coordinator, 22 years; 

mil lames I larris, Program Coordinator Machine tool 

Tit hnology, 10 years. Not pictured is Dr. Donn\ Lawson, 

' hatrperson of the Science Division. 28 years 

Public Relations Association of Mis 

Eleven Copiah-Lincoln instructors were 
— selected to Who's Who Among Ameri- 
cas Teachers for 2006. Those selected include Deborah 
tush fW), Chairperson of the Humanities Division 
and English Instructor; Janice Priester Byrne (N), 
Mathematics Instructor; Julie Gaudin (W), Medical 
Radiologic Technology Instructor; Jody Hoff(W), 
Program Coordinator Food Production and Manage- 
ment; Leslie Hood (W), Science Division Instructor; 
Dr. Donny Lawson (W), Chairperson of the Science 
Division; Alita Myers (W), Computer Science Divi- 
eid (W), Humanities Division 
mauuciur; mary am vers (W), Program Coordinator 

Medical Laboratory Technology; Jane A. Smith (W), 

Social Science Division Instructor; and Walt Wilson 

m a 

Instructors from the Wesson Campus named to Who 
■in-ii. American Teachers ore front row from left Di 
rah Bush, Ram Reid, Mary Shivers; back row from lef 
lulie i audin and |ody Hon. Not pictured are Dr. Don 
I awson, Alita Myers, Leslie I food and lane Smith. 

Dr. Gail Baldwin (W) was promoted to Dean of 
Career-Technical Instruction replacing Louis Dugas 
who retired. Dr. Baldwin previously served as Associate 

Dr. Kevin McKone (W) was named Chairperson to 
the Science Division replacing Dr. Donny Lawson who 
retired. Dr. McKone will continue his duties as Physics 

Enrollment and Finances 

Adams _^J 


Enrollment by Counties 

Olhet Simpson 

nj «. 5 09% 

Wesson Campus 

Lincoln Lawrence 

Simpson °-" % ' t T'° 
0.13% ~^\ I ) Jefferson 

Other W / r ' ' ■' ■'■■ 

Franklin j e ,, e , s<>n Lawrence 

6 15% 

Natchez Campus 



Simpson County Center 

Enrollment by Division 

FY 2006-2007 Expense Estimates FY 2006-2007 

Institutional Support 

Student Services 

Instructional Support 

Revenue Funds 

State Funds $9 I M 038 

Student Fees 
( ounty Funds 
l/D State Funds 
Sales/Servit es 
Cransfer from 
Fund Balant e 



$ ! 102 690 

$1,91 5 ! 

$1, 'it 

$2,12 1,628 

t22, r .l 1,830 

Expense Estimates 

Instructional $1 !,I6 120 

Instructional Supporl ^il<>,7 r >ti 

Student Services $3,254, II I Support $3 551 048 

Physical Plant $2,722,399 

Total $22,511,830 

The < iiliiii.iii 23 


Copiah-Lincoln Community College is a public comprehensive community college serving a seven- 
county districr as established by the Mississippi Legislature. The college's mission is to provide educational 
programs, economic development services, and cultural and recreational opportunities to constituents 
from the college service area and beyond. Regardless of socio-economic background, quality programs 
and services are offered in a sate environment consistent with federal, regional, state, and local pro; 
operational standards and guidelines. 



quality learn 

r College's vision is to be a leader in education, providing comprehensive, 



P.O. Box 649 

Wesson, MS 39191-0649 


ZIP CODE 39205